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Welcome to my blog! My name is Jeri and I’m a 30-something Canadian girl who is trying to navigate the dating world.

This whole thing started back in 2015 when I decided to take a break from my hometown and visit my peeps in the lovely city of Toronto for a few weeks during the summer. I was lucky enough that my job permitted me to work remotely, and it was our quiet time of the year.  When my friend M. offered to sublet her apartment to me while she moved in with her boyfriend, I jumped at the opportunity. Everything was aligning perfectly for me to spend this time in Toronto. Once the decision was finalized and logistics were set, I couldn’t wait to tell people that I would be summering in Toronto.  The final thing I wanted was to find a new project or challenge to work on while I was there; something that would improve my skills some aspect of my life. I quickly decided that instead of learning how to become a better cook, or teaching myself a computer programming language (seemed like a good skill to have), I would try something completely different from anything I had ever known. My summer plan would be to hone my skills as a slut. Now you should know that by slut, I mean a person who can let their guard down, not be nervous, and just go with it with a guy they are even somewhat into, without overthinking it, without needing some special connection. You should also know that at that point I had none of said skills. I therefore planned to spend my time discussing and observing people, and testing out the techniques that I hoped to acquire along the way.  I documented my progress here on my Slutty Study blog.

That summer in TO came and went, I learned, experienced, and wrote about it, and soon abandoned my little blog.

Until now.

It’s with so much excitement that I’m starting this blog back up, but if you read my last post back in 2015, you know that I just don’t have “slut” or any kind of mindless loving in my DNA. I therefore have a new angle for this blog, which is me navigating the dating world. I will share my stories of guys I meet via dating apps and set ups, and my thoughts, adventures, and likely misadventures that result.

Hope you enjoy!

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