Let the games begin

When I decided to have a Slutty Study summer back in ’15, I was full of hope and excitement. I couldn’t wait to see what this experiment would bring, and I was eager to get to know a side of myself that I had never encountered.

To my dismay, it was much more challenging to open myself up to this new version of myself than anticipated, and so my summer was off to a rocky start.  After a meet-up with an ex that ended badly (duh) and then a perfectly platonic dinner catching up with an old (guy) friend who tried to get in my pants by acting like some macho-man in a most embarrassing way (more on that in a later post), I was feeling pretty down and disappointed and just about ready to give up my summer project out of sheer embarrassment of failure.

When I got home from that god-awful non-date, I felt so dirty from this “friend’s” “moves” that I decided to delete my Tinder account, and then Google how to join a convent (step 1: Don’t be Jewish. Damn).  However, when I opened Tinder I found a message from a cute British guy that I had swiped right to a few days earlier. As deflated as I was in that moment, I decided to say hi back, and then continue on with the whole deleting my account later that night when this British guy would inevitably prove to be a loser just like the rest of his kind.

To my surprise, he responded within minutes. To my even bigger surprise, we ended up chatting all night. I really wanted to hate him and blame him for the other guys who had burned me that weekend, but it just didn’t happen. I learned that British Guy actually lived in England (accent- yes!), but spent half of his time living in Toronto for work. As silly as this sounds, we totally clicked via chat. We had great banter, he was really interesting, and he even made me laugh a few times, which is quite the feat since I’m a pretty tough audience, you know, being freakin’ hilarious and all 😉 . By the end of our 3 hour chat, we decided to meet for dinner the next night.

As excited as I was to meet this intriguing Brit, I was also nervous and worried. I had done this enough times to know that a great text chemistry did not necessarily equal to a great face-to-face chemistry.  Nonetheless, the evening arrived so I put on a cute summer outfit, had my usual 2 pre-date vodka shots, and went on my merry way. As I walked to the restaurant, I hoped and prayed with every step that this guy wouldn’t suck when we met in person. I also hoped and prayed that I wouldn’t fall over since maaaaybe I had had 3 shots instead of 2 and was pretty sauced… Oops.

I managed to get there before him so I waited at our table and downed 2 glasses of water so that I wouldn’t puke my shots up on him later that night. Once he arrived, my initial thoughts were that he was cute, but not as cute as he seemed in his pictures, and that he was pretty brave to be sporting a salmon-coloured shirt.  As usual, conversation was a little awkward at first, and he seemed slightly nervous, but it took about 15 minutes for me to think yep, this guy’s cool, I don’t need to find an excuse to leave. It took about 30 minutes for me to think wow I’m kinda really enjoying myself here, and it took about an hour for both of us to say out loud that this is one of the better dates we’ve been on and when are we going to see each other next. We decided on the next day.


This NEVER happens to me. I repeat, NEVER. Towards the end of the meal I got up to break my seal and as I walked to the bathroom I texted my best friend to say OMG he’s so cute and cool I can’t believe it and OMG I’m so hammered I hope he doesn’t realize.  When I got back from the bathroom he had paid (that’s always nice 🙂 ) but it was obvious that neither of us was ready to end the night.  So we went to a nearby bar for a few drinks.

It’s funny, even though it was our first date, switching venues made it feel like we had entered second date territory, and I mean that in a good way. He seemed way less nervous and we were both a little more loosey-goosey. Conversation flowed even better and we were sitting in a corner booth, so were even a little closer to each other than at the restaurant. Hubba hubba. I found out that he sings and plays guitar (obvious swoon) and that he had a man-crush on Ryan Gosling, which made my heart stop because I have a serious, for real, I might have a problem kind of crush on him too. I couldn’t even believe it, what were the chances?!? Ha! Not to sound like a gushing girly girl, but my heart was racing and I was smiling so much that my mouth hurt. If I were an emoji I would be the yellow face with the heart eyes. It was so refreshing to hang with a guy and have such a good time, AND to be attracted to him on top of it all! And it was just as nice to feel that it was mutual.

Eventually it got to the point after a bunch of drinking and chatting and laughing that I just couldn’t handle it anymore, and I did something super uncharacteristic of myself. I grabbed his arm and pulled him in to kiss him.


Who is this girl?

Did someone call 1-800-BOOYA?!?

Even better was that once I grabbed his arm he took care of the rest, so I swear I didn’t force myself on him! But anyways, I was so proud of myself and so happy that it was being reciprocated.

We stayed at the bar till pretty late, and when we decided to leave he offered to drive me home (it may not have sounded like it, but he did way less drinking than me so was totally good to drive- I’m a safety girl!).  As we pulled up in front of my place he was mid-story and cracking me up, so without even thinking I asked if he wanted to come in. I seriously didn’t think about where that could possibly lead, being so unaccustomed to having a good date and also to being slutty, of course. He said yes right away and once we got into my apartment, I took my phone out of my bag and had about 10 messages from friends asking wtf is going on it’s so not like me to be on such a long date. It seemed my friends were equally unaccustomed to me actually enjoying a guy!

While British Guy was in the bathroom, I quickly responded to a few of them saying yep still on the date and we’re now at my apartment omg omg what have I done I don’t know if I can handle this now. Needless to say this led to a flood of firework and hand-clapping emojis being sent my way. Seeing my friends’ enthusiasm on this ridiculous project of mine calmed me down and helped me to remember that this is all just for fun, and that I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do. But let me tell you, I definitely wanted to do it 😉  We sat down on the couch but it didn’t take long for sitting down to becoming lying down, if you know what I mean 😉 ;).  I was doing it! I was succeeding at my goal and enjoying every minute of it!

Banging aside, at the end of the night we both confessed how much of a good time we’d had together and that neither of us expected the date to end anywhere near my bed, but that we were plenty happy that it did.  As he left my place, we reconfirmed that we were seeing each other again the next night, and we both couldn’t wait.

Little did I know what was in store for me over the next 48 hours…

I can’t wait to share Part 2 of the British Guy story with you, but I’ll be away for the next 2 weeks, so be sure to subscribe to email notifications below so you can be the first to read it when I get back. Cheerio until then!

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