Bibbity bobbity boo

It was snowing like a mofo when I realized that I absolutely NEEDED oatmeal for some muffins I was making, and therefore NEEDED to get to the grocery store ASAP. It was seconds later that I realized that once again, I hadn’t put my car in the garage when I got home from my day. It was no biggie though, it was just that cute fluffy-type of snow that was falling, nothing I couldn’t handle.

I got dressed and headed out, and it was while I was brushing the snow off my windows that I remembered what happened last time I was clearing the snow from my car. Ooooooh!!!! All I could think of from then on was imagine this is my La La Land moment?!  What if that cute, bearded, BMW-driving guy zoomed over to me once again and cleaned my car for me, once again! (if you’re asking “bearded guy who?” see this post).  I got way too excited at this idea, I mean I was wearing a cute tuque, my hair looked great, and I was even wearing mascara! I was so ready for him this time. What if he was my fairy god-mother of snow clearing, or like, my fairy god sexy-awesome-guy-who-I-then-fell-in-love-with-and-married mother? Maybe not mother… But holy sh*t maybe this is how it’s meant to happen for me!  He obviously didn’t show up this time, but maybe he will next time, or the time after that!

Maybe I should stop parking my car in the garage every time they call for snow, just in case. What do you think?

Don’t answer that.


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