Sorry for ditching/It’s a wrap

Hi guys, remember me? The aspiring slut?
I’m so sorry that I ditched you halfway through the summer and left you hanging like that.  I found myself in the middle of some drama that felt a tad too personal for the blog, so just dropped it like it was hot. I know, what an a-hole move. However, I’m here now to give you a little recap of what you missed, if you care to read along.

Now as a preface, one thing I realized this summer is that I’m just not, in fact, a slut. It’s not actually my thang to get with someone that I’m into solely on a physical level. Not to worry though, I did have to learn that through experience!!  All to say, however, that I didn’t reach my slutty summer number, but in hindsight, I do believe my experiences in TO were about quality over quantity.

But first, my success:

I had a mini make-out sesh with an ex, slept with a reeeeally cute and cool Brit on the first date, and then again on the second date the next day, (PS. only to discover that he was married with kids back in the UK, motherfucker), and then got with a friend of a friend for an unemotional, no strings attached night.  In addition to this, the tables were turned when I myself was slutty studied by an old friend I met up with who clearly thought he could get a home-run out of me, and then pulled every wrong move in the book, killing the slight chance he may have had. In fact, I’d love to write a book about how to fail at sealing the deal based on that horrific night, but that’s another post entirely.

On Quality vs. Quantity:

So as you can see, I definitely didn’t get to 5, but I’m still proud that my few experiences were new, outside of my comfort zone, and surely slut style, ie. not waiting a bunch of dates before making it to the boudoir, and getting with someone really just because they were there and willing.  I’m sure to some of you this is just another Tuesday, but to me it was quite the achievement to stop over-thinking, let go of my inhibitions, and just go for it, all the while, maintaining my dignity, which I now realize is what the Slutty Study was all about.

As the summer comes to an end and I am back in my hometown, I’m happy with what (and who ;)) I did, and feel that the Slutty Study of 2015 was a great learning experience and success.

Thanks so much for coming along!

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