Week 1 in Slutsville

Hi guys, happy Monday. I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was lovely, but enough about that. I’m here to tell you about my progress and impressions on my first full week here in Toronto.   Ready?

Before leaving home to come here, I thought about the actions and behaviours that I needed to modify in order for the slut in me to emerge and the prude to fade out.  At the top of the very long list was to smile more, and by more I mean at all.  You may recall from this post that a major impediment to my attracting people or even interacting with them is my resting bitchface. Now, I should probably tell you that I totally don’t mean to look like a bitch at any given moment in the day (well maybe sometimes I mean it), it just seems to be the shape that my face takes naturally when at rest. What can I say?
Anyway, knowing that it’s not the way to go, I decided that in Toronto there would be none of that, it would just be all smiles, all the time.  So on Monday, that’s precisely what I did.

The result?

Well, aside from being utterly exhausting, it was really quite successful! Who would have thought, I know!  On my first day on my own here, I think I chatted with more strangers than I do in an entire month back at home. Ha!  From the dude at the gym who took my smile as a sign that I wanted to meet up with him every time I worked out to the guy at the pool who started chatting with me about my sunscreen, even to the girl in the elevator telling me about her day, I’m in shock! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this “smile” thing sooner? Geez.  Although none of these smile conversations led to much more than that, it made me feel that between Toronto being a huge city and me being able to chat with any stranger who likes my sunscreen, maybe I can make some progress here. On the other hand, something major that I realized this week is that I work in baby steps when it comes to these things. No, correction, less than baby, more like fetus steps, if that’s a thing.

All that being said, I’ll end this post here so you can stop procrastinating and get back to work. Check back in the middle of the week when I recount my first date here and all the tips I’ve learned from the pro-sluts I’ve been meeting 🙂

FullSizeRender (17)

Thanks KT for the pic.

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