How low is too low?

Some friends and I recently went out to a bar where there is generally a good crowd of 30-somethings, and decided that this would be a good opportunity to start practicing, you know, stretching my slut muscle, if you will.

I started off by doing a once-around with my friend S, and made eyes with a few guys.  I must say that the fact that I didn’t giggle while doing it or feel awkward and stop is a big step for this girl.  A little later one of them came over to me to chat. I was pretty proud of my iota of success so far. He introduced himself, then asked me my name, and before I had time to say its second syllable, he was rubbing my back.  Seeing as we’d been talking for all of 35 seconds, the bitch in me was all “excuuuse me, no one’s granted you the privilege of touching me just yet”, but in an attempt play it cool (you know, for the Study’s sake), I went with it.  It took about 10.3 more seconds for his hands to slip down to my butt.  My internal bitch was fuming, but again, I casually tried to manoeuvre his hands upwards without making a big deal of it. This worked for about 5 seconds before those hands navigated themselves back to my hot ass. I kept with it a little longer to see if things would turn, if we would at least get into a decent little convo, or just start dancing, but alas, no dice. Now this may not have been the slutty thing to do, but seeing as he clearly was no conversationalist or even very good-looking, I just said “alright, later” and peaced right out.

I am now having my first slut dilemma. Should I have just gone with it?  Am I a prude? Should I end this blog right now and go join a convent?

In general, I have no problem with some flirty touching, I’m actually all for it, but immediately, IMMEDIATELY after meeting? That’s a tad much. Had we been talking, even for just 10 minutes, or even dancing a little instead, and a guy went in for a back touch, I’d be so OK with it.  If we continued dancing or talking and the hand slid down to the rear area, I maaaaay even be OK with it, given that I was into the dude.  Had he gone for the ass, gotten my vibe that I wasn’t into it and didn’t do it again, I surely wouldn’t have left!  Or if all of my dreams came true and he was Ryan Gosling, I’d be all over that sh*t.  But seeing that none of those were the case?
Nuh-uh. Nope. Not for this slut-in-training.
Not yet at least 😉

Girls, would you have been ok with it?
Guys, would you consider that typical guy behaviour? How long do you wait to go in for a touch?

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